About those CIA leaks...

Predictably, the CIA is shifting the focus on the leakers rather than the content of the leaks. They are now saying the purpose of WikiLeaks is to undermine the intelligence services' capacity to defend the US from its enemies.

What about the intelligence services' undermining of their own citizens' civil freedoms?

The permafrost hellhole

A crater formed in Siberia's permafrost is growing at an alarming rate

Near the Yana river basin, in a vast area of permafrost, there is a dramatic tadpole-shaped hole in the ground: the Batagaika crater.

The crater is also known as a "megaslump" and it is the largest of its kind: almost 0.6 miles (1km) long and 282ft (86m) deep. But these figures will soon change, because it is growing quickly.
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The Waldo Moment

‘Black Mirror’ Creator Predicts Trump Will Be President: ‘I Find It F*cking Terrifying’

Charlie Brooker, the showrunner of the acclaimed dystopian sci-fi series, is convinced that Donald Trump will win the presidential election. God help us all.

...And he was right. Even if he didn't take his own prediction seriously at the time. I watched that Black Mirror episode the other day, The Waldo Moment. The similarities are eery. And that one did not end so well.