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Airie Fairie - The Diary of a Smart Blonde =)

The Diary of a Smart Blonde =)

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18 August 1982
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My name is Anita Guðmundsdóttir. I am 30, mostly female, half Irish, half Icelandic. I was born in Iceland. My father is Icelandic, and my mother who died when I was 6, was Irish. So I am sometimes known as Anita Phelan, particularly in UK. Nearly all my life I lived in Iceland, except for 3 years which I spent in London. But now I live in South Africa. Happily married, and a proud mommy since February 2008... I like traveling, learning foreign languages, sports, good music and good food. I am almost vegetarian (though I eat fish and eggs) and partially daltonist. Yes, I am a little eccentric =) To add to that, I admit I am bisexual...and my husband doesn't mind! Of all music styles I adore Celtic folk - I have played the harp in a folk band called Draíocht na hOíche. Of all sports I prefer gymnastics, tennis and rafting. I like animals, going into the nature and watching wildlife. Maybe this is why my job, initially just a journalist, is now specialised into wildlife reporting. I am maniacal about cinema, especially European cinema. The persons I adore most in this world: my beloved husband Kollynn a.k.a. abomvubuso, my little daughter Charlotte, my baby son Maksimur, my best friend Kia a.k.a. ddstory, my adopted sons Phomeni, Sibusiso and Mxali, and my daddy. And the spirit of my mommy...I know that she is watching over me as my guardian angel... But most of all I like... making new friends! So, join me if you dare!

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